Exercise Whilst Being Mum 

After having my second son back in February 2019, I was weighing my heaviest (17 stone 12lbs).  I had previously lost weight after having my first son (in 2017), so I knew I could do it once more. 

I followed a popular dieting plan and the weight started to come off straight away. This time I was left with some excess skin and realised that exercise was needed this time. The thought of having to attend a gym was giving me anxiety and I also tried following workouts on Youtube, however my enjoyment levels when doing these soon faded, as they were repetitive and eventually became boring.

I then set up an Instagram account, regularly posting about weight loss and food, and I also used this domain, to get food inspiration and follow other people on their weight loss journeys.

I came across a lady who was using a weighted hula hoop. This instantly got my attention because I like to try new things and it looked fun. I wasted no time in ordering a hula hoop which came the next day. 

I started hooping straight away and struggled to keep the hula hoop around my hips for 2 seconds! Regardless of this, I was absolutely loving having a laugh and enjoyed the challenge of how to keep the hula hoop off the floor! I started out by hooping for just 3 minutes a day for a week, and like others I got heaps of bruises!  Then however, I had a lightbulb moment and layered up ( 2 pairs of pants, 2 leggings and a tight jumper). The following week, I managed to up my hooping time to 2×5 minutes, and then by week 3, I was hooping for 15 minutes, with minimal drops of the hula hoop!

This soon became my absolute favourite exercise, and it certainly toned up my glutes, abs, thighs and arms. I added in different moves and started really getting into hooping alongside upbeat music. I documented my journey, on my Instagram and Facebook  accounts, and I soon became quite popular on both. This led to many people following me by purchasing hula hoops, and also joining in with the hoop exercises. Subsequently, many like me, then began their journey with a hula hoop.

Hooping is now my main exercise and I absolutely love it. In a typical week, I hoop 3 to 5 times, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour each time.  I have started offering 1-2-1 and group training, as my followers and friends also love it. Many of these, just like me, want to learn a fun and exciting new  at home workout, that is perfect for mums, as it can be done whilst the baby is sleeping (as long as the music isn’t too loud!).  Follow me on Instragram at: @honestasfcarla.