1. It’s empowering – the better something makes you feel, the more you’ll stick at it and therefore see results.

2. It’ll get you stronger – as you start and continue with weight training you’ll notice the benefits of muscle strength in everyday life. We have an ever demanding life and we need to up for whatever life throws at us physically.

3. It’s sociable – have you tried carrying out a conversation whilst running up a hill! I’m not saying that weight lift won’t get you out of breath, but chatting during a rest period and encouraging each other is a way for friends to interact.

4. It’ll build lean muscle which burns fat – cardio is an important part of an exercise regime, however weight training’s impressive ability to burn fat is often overlooked in favour of cardio. Weight training will encourage you to focus on lean muscle, how you look and feel rather than your weight. Weight is not an accurate way to measure progress and you maybe heavier for having a higher muscle percentage. Having more muscle in your body means you have a higher metabolism.

5. Its easy to track – it’s easy to track your progress by tracking how much weight your lifting in a strength session or how many reps your completing in a timed period.

6. It can ward off osteoporosis – weight lifting does your bones good as well as your muscles. One of the benefits of weight training is the impact on bone density which reduces your risk of osteoporosis in later life. A great positive for older woman who are at a greater risk of the disease.

7. It can help to prevent injury – prevention is better than cure and ensuring the muscles are strong helps them to cope with the unexpected and protect the joints. Being an avid runner or boxer, being stronger overall means you can engage and recruit the right muscles to perform better thus making you less likely to overstrain or overcompensate resulting in injury.