Four Tips to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Balanced

Eat Something Small Every Three Hours

Eat your three main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner with two or three snacks in between. Keeping your energy and blood sugar levels stable and in balance can allow you to exercise harder without getting the food cravings associated with blood sugar drops, which can come from missing meals. This can improve your quality of life and in turn give you more energy, resulting in losing more body fat and increasing lean muscle mass.

Avoid Processed Food and Eat More Vegetables

Processed food has two negative effects on your body. Firstly, ingredients and nutrients are removed from the original source and replaced with sugar to preserve it. Blood sugars spike with the consumption of these types of food. Secondly, having loads of energy followed by a crash has a negative effect on your blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels are out of balance, your body will be less efficient at converting carbohydrate to energy. Some get a mild/severe form of insulin resistance leading to a lack of nutrient uptake by muscle cells. This has an impact on fat loss and building muscle.

Eat More Fat

Eating more fat, especially healthy fay like omega 3 has a massive impact on your blood sugar levels. If you only ever ate a diet with good fats, vegetables and protein rich foods you would be very unlikely to have an issue with your blood sugar levels. That is because fat is satiating. Good fats include oily fish, nuts, avocado and eggs.

Eat Slow-Releasing Carbohydrates at Insulin Sensitive Times

The two times a day you will be most insulin sensitive and your body will be more likely to use carbohydrates efficiently, not turning them to fat, is first thing in the morning and after exercise. It depends on your metabolism but in general your body will absorb carbohydrates better after having been fasting all night and after exercise.