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Holistic exercise is using different techniques to strengthen and tone the muscular skeletal system whilst encouraging a sense of calm and relaxation.  It is a particularly good form of exercise for people that may be coming back from injury/trauma, have any joint issues or are new to exercise.  Examples of holistic exercises are Pilates, Yoga and Thai Chi.  I think there is a common misconception that ‘no pain, no gain’ means that you won’t see progression in your strength or stamina but this is simple not the case.

By taking part in a holistic exercise programme you will see improvements to your mental health, taking some time a week to be alone with your thoughts and to allow yourself to realign can be enough to gain clarity on our daily lives.  It is renown to increase strength, flexibility and tone, especially in the core area.  This can lead to postural correction and alleviate, sometimes even cure, many back complaints.  If you spend a large amount of your day sitting down it’s really important to focus on exercises that encourage movement of the pelvis, hips and back muscles to avoid tightness and inflexibility.

Holistic exercise is not about repetitions, sets or timed activities.  It’s much more focussed on being in tune with your body, executing the move correctly with breath and precision.  It’s important to to listen to your body and never force or a rush a move.  If you haven’t ever taken part in one of my Pilates classes, follow this link to a Beginners Session.  For more weekly workouts and tips join the FITMumPlan here:  FITMum Plan | Emma Wheeler Fitness