Total Body Cardio

The cardio total body class is a 45 minute high intensity session that will leave you feeling energised. It’s a full body workout to improve fitness levels and has a high calorie burn.

10 minute exercise ideas for Children

Children are spending more and more time in front of electrical devises and their health is suffering. It’s important for children’s growth and development...


You can make a large difference to health and well-being by doing just 15 minutes of exercise a day...


Watch these series of videos which guide you through the technique of the most commonly used exercises...

Abs & Core

A 30 minute session designed to target the abdominals and core area. This class helps to improve posture...

10 Minute Mind & Body

Log onto these weekly 10 minute relaxing classes where we simply stretch and relax the mind...


A 50 minute low impact class but not for the faint hearted. Be prepared to work hard improving flexibility...

Emma Wheeler

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I keep my hours flexible as many of my clients are Mums who don't work regular office hours! Always feel free to get in touch and if I'm not available, I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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I'm based in Wiltshire
but I serve clients right throughout the country with a mixture of both online and face to face sessions.