Health and Wellbeing Coaching

I’m Emma, a Health and Wellbeing Coach, specialising in helping ladies increase in confidence, create a positive self image and tackle life from a place of clarity and understanding. I help women to feel empowered by using their own intuition. I teach ladies how to manage stress levels, address sleep issues, build confidence, break bad habits, balance work and home life. Creating fun filled lives where you are in the driving seat.

Your journey starts with a discovery call to ascertain your goals and aspirations. This leads to a weekly one to one session, online or in person, where I help change your mindset, limiting beliefs and banish the self sabotaging thoughts.  Together we get you to a place where you believe in yourself, have a positive self image and realise that investing time in you has valuable returns.

Any large changes in our life take time to see a transformation, therefore I like to work with clients for a minimum of 12 weeks.

  • 12 weekly sessions paid upfront £540
  • 12 weekly sessions paid monthly £200 a month (£600 in total)

Included in a Health and Wellbeing Coach:

I regularly run group therapy sessions online or in person, dates listed below for the next groups:

Health and Wellbeing Workshop –  starting Wednesday 9th June.  For details and to book visit: