Easter is notoriously a time of year when chocolate is in abundance, especially if you have children in the house.  How do we ensure that we enjoy the festivities without piling on the lbs and we don’t undo all that good work?  To put things in perspective, an average Easter egg will have in excess of a 1,000 calories, you would need to run for about 3 hours or do 4 ‘FITMumPlan’ cardio sessions to work that off!

  1. Avoid turning Easter into a month long binge.  Easter eggs and hot cross buns are in the shops for weeks before the event and sometimes on sale after.  Have a plan and stick to to.  Tell yourself you’ll only eat chocolate over the 4 day bank holiday weekend or better still, just on Easter Sunday.
  2. Request that the Easter bunny brings your dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is normally consumed in lesser quantifies because it is rich in taste, however it has many health benefits that milk chocolate doesn’t contain.  It is known to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and contains powerful antioxidants to help your skin look radiant.
  3. Try to buy small individually wrapped eggs rather than one big egg.  One mouthful can lead to another and before you know it, you’ve consumed the whole egg.  If the egg is only small, physiologically you’re satisfied because you’ve still been able to eat the whole egg but in a much smaller quantity.
  4. Don’t fall for all the special offers and buy in excess, only buy what you need.  If you’re planning on a Easter egg hunt for your children, only buy sufficient eggs for them.  You might be lucky and they’ll share a piece with you!
  5. Plan your meals ahead of the Easter weekend and fill your store cupboards with healthy snacks.  When chocolate is being eaten by other family members, snack on something far healthily for you.  If you need to fulfil that sweet craving, snacks such as chocolate rice cakes have a thin layer of chocolate but are low in calories.
  6. Make sure the household know of your plans to stick to your healthy eating habits over Easter and ask them to encourage not discourage.
  7. Don’t feel guilty.  If you do consume a whole egg yourself, don’t spend the next 24 hours feeling guilty about it.  This just sends you on an emotional roller coaster and you’ll crave more chocolate to manage those feelings.  You’ve eaten it, it’s in the past.  You enjoyed it at the time, now plan how you’re going to burn those excess calories off and move forward.
  8. Don’t forget everything in moderation.  Sign up for a 7 day free trial to the FITMumPlam for more great nutrition ideas and exercise classes.  FITMum Plan | Emma Wheeler Fitness Happy Easter.