dumb bells strength training

During the month of May I will be looking at the three main types of exercise; strength, cardio and holistic training and how each discipline affects our bodies in different ways.  This week I’m starting with strength training.  Strength training is an anaerobic exercise, in other words ‘without oxygen’.

When we think of strength training it can be common to conjure up images of people lifting heavy weights and sparking a fear of bulking up the body.  For women this is not the case.  Most ladies do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to bulk up, strength training however will help you to build and maintain muscle.  This type of exercise doesn’t even need to involve weights, your own body weight is enough to build strong muscles.

As we get older we naturally lose muscle mass and see an increase in the fat percentage in our bodies, especially if we don’t work at replacing the muscle that we lose.  By using weights or taking part in body weight exercises we help preserve and enhance our muscles.  This in turn improves our quality of life and strength in day to day activities.  Not only do we lose muscle mass as we get older but it takes longer for our bones to regenerate.  This becomes even more important for ladies as we age.  By stressing your bones, strength training can increase bone density and reduce the risk of bone related diseases.

If you’re looking to manage your weight, this form of exercise can help reduce or maintain a heathy weight.  It increases your metabolism to help you burn more calories.  If your body muscle percentage is high, you will naturally need more calories to function.

There’s lots of different options when it comes to strength training.  As I’ve already mentioned, body weight exercises such as planks, lunges and squats are as good as any to build healthy muscle.  You can also use, dumb or bar bells and resistance bands or tubes.  For a workout that uses body weight exercises follow this link: https://vimeo.com/526525786/99903fa018.  If you would like access to unlimited workouts, try the FITMumPlan for free here:FITMum Plan | Emma Wheeler Fitness.