I’m tired, are you tired?! It’s sad how quickly the end of summer turns into winter. Having said that, my children love winter, cosying up by the fire, the mammoth count down to Christmas!

October arrives and you want to hibernate, eat stodge and procrastinate over tasks that should only take you half an hour. Even going to an exercise class can be hard to find the energy to do. The alarm going off at 6.30am or even 6 for Bootcamp mornings are not a welcome sound! That’s in normal circumstances, without all the negative things going on around us! So why, I hear you ask, am I telling you this, Emma the Personal Trainer with endless energy!! I’m telling you because it’s normal and we should embrace it.

How can we help ourselves to get through the cold, dark mornings and nights!!

The craving for stodge is real, that we all endure. Plan ahead and prepare nutritious healthy snacks/meals to beat those stodge cravings.

Go to that exercise class, we all know that the positive energy and endorphins released from exercising is better than any medication.

Enjoy the outdoors, wrap up warm. Albeit cold, winter days can often be bright and beautiful.

Try to get to bed earlier, even if you’re having as much sleep as you do in the summer, getting up to the sound of birds singing is so much easier than dark mornings.

Have a tick list and tick jobs off when you’ve completed them. Ticking jobs off as you’ve done them gives us a sense of satisfaction.

Last but not least, be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack. It’s impossible to keep going at 100% day in day out.