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There’s confusing messages around the best time to exercise – as soon as you get out of bed, make sure you eat first, in the evening.  In truth there isn’t a hard and fast rule, it’s very specific to your body and what works for you.  It can help to develop the neuro receptors in the brain and develop good habits if we exercise at the same time each session.  This can help maximise our fitness goals and with scheduling our weekly calendar.

If you’re a morning person you may want to maximise on this and choose to exercise first thing.  It gets the session out the way, avoiding too much procrastination and distraction.  Be sure to warm up the body, especially in winter time when the muscles will be colder and tighter.  Working out in the morning sets you up for the day with a feeling of accomplishment.  The brain has released all the endorphins, happy hormones, to make you feel good.  You may find you’re more productive by working out in the morning as the energy levels stay high.  There are also some health benefits.  According to, studies show that you have an increased metabolism when choosing the morning for your workout. Meaning that you’ll continue to burn calories well into the day.  Assuming you haven’t eaten, the body will be burning more fat stores than carbohydrates.

If however you’re a night owl, the afternoon or evening may be more appealing to you.  Between the hours of 2-6pm, the body’s temperature is at it’s highest; therefore you may get a better performance from your muscles.  Potentially meaning less warm up time because the muscles are already subtle and warm.  It’s proven that reaction times are quicker in the evening so may lend itself to team sports or HIIT sessions.  I recommend not exercising too late otherwise it can disrupt your sleep, aim for at least 2 hours before going to bed.  You can cash in on the heightened metabolism if you’re workout isn’t too late too.

In short, there are benefits for exercising in the morning or evening.  What is really important is you workout at a time that works for you.  Consistency is the key to making greater training gains.  Enjoyed this article, read more here:

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