The Importance of Exercising Around Children

I’ve participated in some form of aerobic exercise since I was in my teens, I have memories of attending good old ‘Moves Fitness’ with my Mum and in fact I was due to go to class the night I gave birth to my first son, he was slightly early I hasten to add!  I’m an advocate of exercising with your children around as long as it’s safe to do so.

We know that consistent exercise and sensible eating habits will help maintain a good quality of life, people who successfully manage their weight and stay fit are generally those who exercise and eat well as part of life.  That’s not to say you can’t eat desserts or enjoy a vino or two!! We as humans are supposed to move, years ago we would have been hunters and gatherers, this is no different for children.  They need to be active.

We as parents set the example to our children.  Taking part in a regular form of exercise promotes an active lifestyle, wellness and healthy living.  It also opens up an abundance of narrative for any age of the importance of movement.  Not to mention the fantastic opportunities to bond, spend time together and share a camaraderie.  I have many pictures stored of my children representing me using tin beans as dumb bells and skewers with marshmallows as a barbell and weights.  Ok, I admit, not the best food on the end but we can’t have it all!!

Sometimes as a Mum we are challenged with the amount of time we get to do the things we like to do and exercise is often the first thing to drop.  Use your time effectively.  Fit in a workout whilst the children are asleep, they’re at school, when your partner is around or when there are having lunch.  If you plan to exercise with them, a great time for children to release some energy is after they have been at pre school/school all day.  Diarize your exercise and stick to it, there is nothing wrong with explaining to your children ‘this is Mummy’s time to do some exercise’.  Not only is this good to see that you are a person in your own right but it will also inspire them in future.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing tips about how to exercise with children around.  I’d love to see some pictures of you and your children exercising.

Photo by Thiago Thadeu on Unsplash